Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Winter Day of My Discontent

When we last left our lovely heroine, she was contentedly sipping tea, nibbling chocolates, and cabling without a cable needle. Having knitted nine complete cable patterns (that's 144 rows) she decided that perhaps she should add her new project to her Ravelry page. She filled in the details, uploaded her photo, sat back to admire her work, and...gasped. Right there on the computer screeen, as big as life (okay, bigger) was a miscrossed cable! 88. Rows. Back. You can see it for yourself in yesterday's blog post.

Now, normally such a thing is not a cause for alarm. Our heroine learned long ago how to undo stitches in the middle of a row, ladder them down, recross the cable, and rework the stitches back up to the top again. But this was not a simple cable. This was a braided cable. And despite her intense scrutiny and deep pondering, our heroine could find no other way to fix the problem than by ripping back 88 rows of knitting and reworking the offending cable. So that is what she did.

When we next spied our lovely heroine she was swilling wine, pounding down an entire box of chocolates, and cabling a mountain of spaghetti without a cable needle. And she didn't appear at all content. In fact, she looked just a wee bit tense and was muttering to herself, "I thought knitting was supposed to be relaxing..."

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