Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive

I put a few knitterly items on my Christmas list this year and was fortunate to receive many of them. My parents not only gave me The Best of Interweave Knits and Knitter's Magazine's Shawls and Scarves, they also added to my sock yarn stash with some Knit Pick's Gloss and Superwash Merino. I am going to use the Gloss to knit Girl's Best Friend Anklets and have already begun making Gansey Socks from the merino. I advised my sister-in-law that she could safely choose anything from Fleece Artist or Handmaiden and she did not disappoint, gifting me with a skein of Woolie Silk 2 ply in shades of blue, purple, and green. I think I might knit a scarf from it, using the Storm Water Shawl pattern as a guide and casting on half as many stitches. However, before I get too wrapped up in my new projects I have to make two new pairs of felted slippers. I promised my son-in-law some clogs for his January birthday and I recently noticed that Cameron has worn his way through the soles of last year's Christmas slippers. I should be able to get those done by the end of the weekend, then stand back and watch me go!

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