Friday, November 27, 2009

What I Meant to Do

Warning! Embrace the Lace Spoiler!

Way back on October 31st I meant to acknowledge Colin’s 20th birthday. Here he is with his new friend, Maurice.

Then, on November 1st I meant to show you this picture of Morgan, who came trick-or-treating at our house wearing Colin’s old Halloween costume.

She, Neil, and Jessica came bearing Halloween cupcakes so we celebrated Colin’s birthday in style.

I also meant to post once or twice more in November, bringing you up to date on my knitting projects, such as my four (count ‘em, four) pairs of socks for this month’s SKA challenge.



Miss Marple, the SKA November mystery sock

And the Edwardian Boating Socks

I’m still working on these.

I meant to show you Sundog, which I will be giving to Morgan for Christmas

And the Mondo Cable Cardigan, which I am knitting out of Malabrigo. That will have to wait a while longer because I meant to take a picture of it and forgot.

I meant to do all those things; instead, I let a whole month go by without blogging.

On the bright side, I meant to post today and show you the newest Embrace the Lace kit and I am doing it. Here it is in all its glory, a cowl and fingerless glove set designed by Anne Hanson, to be knit in baby camel from Lobster Pot Yarns.

The theme for this kit is “Prudence” and as usual it comes with all sorts of goodies.

Cameron and I meant to spend a fairly uneventful weekend at home. Instead, thanks to a last-minute cancellation we will be boarding a plane early tomorrow morning for Calgary, where we will take in Sunday’s Grey Cup (think Canadian Superbowl) courtesy of Cameron’s employer and one of the company’s suppliers.

Which just goes to show that sometimes things turn out okay, even if you don’t do what you meant to.