Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Fun

Every May Clinton, BC celebrates Heritage Week, beginning with the annual Ball (the longest running event of its kind in Canada, the first ball took place in 1868 and has been held every year since) on the Victoria Day weekend and ending with the parade and rodeo the following weekend. This year marks British Columbia's 150th anniversary so many events and floats this week focused on life during the mid-nineteenth century.

Saturday morning the whole gang headed into town for the parade.

After a mainly overcast week we were thrilled to see the sun shining. A Mountie on horseback led the way

followed by marching bands

more horses

and various floats.

Since moving to Clinton five years ago my mom has become involved in several associations and takes part in some of the events during Heritage week. It was for this year's celebrations that I knit the Shoalwater Shawl for her and she wore it to the Open House at the village museum

and again in the parade.

After the parade we made our way up the street to get in on the Lions Club's beef on a bun. They roast the beef overnight in an underground pit and it is always delicious and tender. There we met up with my aunt and uncle

and my cousin and his wife.

After that it was off to the rodeo.

Although the cowboys gave it their all, the animals definitely had the advantage and very few participants managed to achieve a qualifying time. The weather was perfect, with just enough cloud cover and breeze to make things comfortable.

After a brief stop at my parents' house to freshen up we went out for dinner at the local Chinese restaurant. A quick trip back to the cabin to drop off the kids and change and it was back to town, where we met my parents and their friends for drinks at the Legion. There was a live band playing and even though the music was generally not to Cameron's and my taste we did get up and dance to a few familiar songs. It was more fun watching my parents dance--they move so smoothly together.

Before heading home the next day we built a fire and had a weiner roast. It was sprinkling a bit but we enjoyed our hotdogs (with fried onions, of course!) and toasted marshmallows. Hugs for everyone, then it was time to hit the road--my holiday had come to an end.

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