Tuesday, May 13, 2008


As I said, there is no way to take a good picture of a lace shawl in progress so you'll have to settle for this one.

I've now completed the three border pattern repeats

and am awaiting more yarn from Make One to do the beaded edging; meanwhile Phoenix will be going into a brief hibernation.

My felted clogs have worn right through the soles so I am hoping to have time to knit some more before heading up to the cabin this weekend. This time I'm going for a beautiful pink and brown combination---the brown has almost a maroon tone to it so it complements the pale pink really well.

I am staying at the cabin for a whole week so hope to get lots of knitting done. The hardest part is always choosing which projects to take! Mr. Greenjeans II? Socks? More lace? All of the above?!?

On the non-knitting front, my sister and her longtime partner surprised everyone yesterday by tying the knot in a small, private ceremony, with just my parents in attendance.

Congratulations, Alison and Stan!

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