Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dragonfly Summer

One disadvantage of having a fellow knitter and Ravelry member in the family is that I can’t show you all of my projects as I complete them.  On the other hand, another knitter truly appreciates the gifts you make for them so that more than makes up for the inconvenience.

My daughter, Jessica, celebrated her birthday on Friday but had to wait until today to see her gifts.

First up, Dragonfly Socks. 

Knitting 1715

Jessica is a dragonfly fanatic so I knew these would be the perfect choice.  I tried to find a yarn that captured the brilliant blue-green of a dragonfly and found it in SweetGeorgia Yarns’ “Tourmaline” colourway.

And, coincidentally, in the same colour range, the Shoalwater Shawl, knit with Knit Picks Shimmer.

Knitting 1716

I can’t even remember when I cast on this shawl—suffice it to say it was years ago—and it has spent most of its life languishing in my knitting basket.  Every so often Jessica would inquire about its progress and threaten to kidnap and finish it herself so it seemed fitting that it should be hers when I finally completed it this spring.

These two pieces were gifted together in a dragonfly-print knitting bag, along with a dragonfly card—can you tell I love a theme?  Ironically, Jessica presented us with an anniversary card with—you guessed it—dragonflies on the front.  She says she chose it for the message…

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Jessica said...

Well, unless you wanted some card that went on and on about two hearts going on, and spending an eternity together as one, or some garbage like that, that was my only choice (other than silver and golden anniversary cards)!

Besides, you'll know exactly who gave you the card every time you look at it! Got to make my mark somehow!