Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yesterday's Post Today

Or maybe I should call it Tomorrow’s Post Today. I’m posting Monday’s installment early---that is, on Sunday night—because I am getting up at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning to go to work with Cameron. But really, if all had gone well Sunday morning it’s the post I had planned to write—you know, the one where I tell you all about the holidays--hence the title. I guess when it gets right down to it, it’s today’s post today. If I haven’t confused you too much, please read on…

For the first time in 37 years Canada had a white Christmas from coast to coast to coast. Despite being known as “the great, white north”, the fact is that some parts of Canada usually remain fairly mild through the winter and see little or no snowfall the entire season. I live in the southwestern region of British Columbia and there are some years when I never even take my winter coat out of the closet. Not so this year.

The snow fell hard and heavy on Christmas Eve, threatening to play havoc with everyone’s travel plans. This year it was my turn to host the big day so we didn’t have to go anywhere but my some of my family had a fair distance to drive. Thankfully, despite my worries, Christmas Day itself dawned sunny and bright and all of our guests arrived safely to join us for an afternoon and evening of celebration. I think it’s safe to say a good time was held by all. The snow returned the following day so we really did luck out with the weather.

I received some lovely gifts but I know the ones you’re really interested in are of the knitterly variety. A few days before Christmas I received an unexpected package from my friend, Lori, (aka Ms. Oceanwind Knits), containing some beautiful handspun merino in shades of beige and taupe.

I’ve never knit with handspun before and I’ll be putting a great deal of thought into what to make with such special yarn.

I knew Jessica had been up to something (the Keep Out sign on the family room door was a good sign) but I was not prepared for her gift of a Forest Canopy Shawl made from Dream in Colour Smooshy in "Dusky Aurora".

Doesn’t it look beautiful photographed against the snow? Her knitting has come so far in just a few years and I’ll treasure this gift for many to come.

I think Ed may well have earned the title of “favourite brother-in-law” with his gift of not one, not two, but three skeins of Lisa Souza yarn, one of laceweight and two of sockweight (from left to right, Berry Poppins, Mother-of-Pearl, and Gendarme).

I was equally pleased to receive the cables and lace volumes of the new Harmony Guides from my mom and dad—they’re so inspiring to look through. I guess sometimes you really can get what you want (if you ask nicely and provide a detailed list, allowing plenty of time for shipping).

But of course we all know that it is better to give than receive and that was certainly true again this year. Jessica loved the Alternate Steps socks I made for her (absent until now from the blog and my Ravelry projects page), along with a matching sock blocker keychain.

And the moment I’ve been anticipating for months did not disappoint.

Alison loved her new afghan and even shed a few tears. She kept it draped over her lap while she opened the rest of her gifts and kept patting it and looking at the various squares. Totally worth every stitch.

Cameron and I had been hoarding another secret from the kids for months, a trip to Disneyland next spring. Cameron loves to give gifts in a fun and interesting way and had the idea of taking apart a Mickey Mouse hat and wrapping each ear and the crown separately. Matt and Colin were each given an ear and they and Jessica were told to guess what it was. It was so funny to see them holding the ears every which way, trying to figure out how they might go together and what the missing part might be. Just as they were about to give up, Colin held the two ears in such a way that Jessica recognized them for what they were and shouted, “They’re Mickey Mouse ears and we’re going to Disneyland!”

I thought of the three that she was the most likely to figure it out. We’ve always wanted to take them there but could never afford it while they were young. The great part about Disneyland is that you can enjoy it at any age and I can’t wait to take them there next May.

In the end, my day off on Sunday was everything I’d wished for and more. I not only ate lots of chocolate (and turkey soup and Christmas baking), I finished and blocked the Scotch Thistle Lace Stole I’d begun back in October, just in time to wear for New Year’s Eve.

My brother-in-law’s band is playing at a local hotel so we’re getting all dressed up and going dining and dancing instead of staying home, as we usually do.

Just a few more hours of my day off remain so I am off to knit and watch a movie with Cameron. Happy Monday! Or should that be Sunday?

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful and understanding family you have to give you so many knitting type gifts.

I liked you guys have the mickey mouse stuff. DH and I do that kind of thing also for our children. This year for Christmas we hid the gifts and they had to follow individual strings to their gifts. They say it is one of their favorite parts of Christmas.