Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Ahead

I can’t very well look back without also looking forward, can I? My knitting goals for 2009 are:

1. Knit two pairs of patterned socks per month, at least one of which will meet SKA’s monthly challenge. Both pairs must be knit from stash.

2. Make the Great American Aran Afghan for my parents for Christmas. Knit the border as I go, one section for each square.

3. Knit one new sweater for myself from stash. To be determined.

4. Knit more lace. Even though I already have a good selection of lace yarn and patterns, after much consideration I have decided to sign up for Embrace the Lace, a yarn club featuring eight lace projects over the course of a year. With any luck, receiving new yarn regularly will help me to meet goal #5.

5. Cut back on my yarn purchases and knit from stash. Notice I did not say eliminate yarn purchases. I am a realist, if nothing else.

6. Continuing in the same vein, take a realistic look at my stash and UFO’s. Frog anything I don’t plan to finish and get rid of yarn I don’t see myself knitting.

7. Finish three WIP’s, including the Garter Stitch Jacket that’s only missing one sleeve. Anything else is gravy.

8. Make at least one blog post per week, even if it’s just a photo.

9. Enjoy my knitting. Avoid overcommitting to gift knitting and set reasonable goals and deadlines for myself.

10. Feel free to revise my goals at any time. See goal #9.

Happy New Year, everyone.


Jessica Rabbit said...
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Jessica - The West Coast Knit Wit said...

Any yarn donations can be gifted to your lovely daughter you know... lol!