Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finished Objects Come in Threes

FO #1:
I finally finished my Prismatic Scarf yesterday morning! Is it just me, or do scarves seem to take forever? I mean, there is less yardage in this project than a pair of socks, yet it took me over three weeks to complete. Having said that, I am overjoyed with the final result. At 6” wide and 65” long it is the perfect size. And I love the cheerful colours and the soft feel of the yarn.

FO #2:

Late yesterday afternoon I sat down with my second Grun ist die Hoffnung sock and began to knit the 8” of stocking stitch necessary to complete the leg. I bound off the last stitch and wove in the end at about 10:15. The process was made all the more bearable by…

FO #3:

This arrived in the mail yesterday morning. Once my errands and jobs were out of the way (see how responsible I was?) I settled in with the book on my lap and Grun ist die Hoffnung on the needles and proceeded to plow through both of them, pausing only to cook and eat dinner and answer the call of nature. (Yes, I can knit simple things and read at the same time, a skill I perfected a couple of years ago while making six garter-stitch dishcloths for my brother-in-law.) When it comes to collections of essays or short stories, I always think that I should make my way through the book slowly, savouring each chapter before moving on to the next. Instead, I almost always finish one and immediately begin to read another and before you know it, I’ve worked my way through the entire book. This time I didn’t even bother to delude myself; I just got comfortable and immersed myself in the Yarn Harlot’s humorous and sometimes poignant storytelling. By the time I finished the sock I had only a few chapters left to read. I turned the last page just before 11:00, then turned out the light.

All in all, a good day’s work (I mean, play).

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Your evening sounds wonderful!