Saturday, March 1, 2008

In Like a Lion

So, it seems that March is definitely coming in like a lion, as far as both knitting and the weather go. As mentioned yesterday, I am embarking on two KAL projects. This month's requirement for Sockdown: Ravelry is to either A) knit a pair of socks in entrelac or B) knit a pair of socks designed by Ann Budd. Since I am not a fan of entrelac I chose option B. I had already earmarked some brown Trekking XXL in my stash for her Undulating Rib Socks so it works out perfectly.

I officially kicked off my Sockdown project this morning by casting on for the first sock and knitting one round.

For the March Sweater Madness we get to choose from three different patterns, which were officially revealed last night at midnight (9:00 pm my time). First one finished wins a prize. All three choices are top-down cardigans, including this Top Down Raglan by cosmicpluto knits, this Raglan Cardigan by Stephanie Japel, and my old friend, Mr. Greenjeans. Now, I would love to knit another Mr. Greenjeans, this time for myself, but I don't have any yarn in my stash that will do it justice. And as much as I think the other patterns are nice, they don't really excite me as much as they should if I am going to devote the next month to knitting one. In the end I decided to take myself out of the official race but knit along with the group using another pattern. I've been thinking about making a cabled hoodie for a while and have considered the obvious choices, such as Rogue and the Central Park Hoodie, but ultimately decided on Twist by Chic Knits. I cast on the back this morning with Cascade 220 in a taupy-beige colour and managed to knit a couple of inches of ribbing before I had to leave for work. This evening after dinner I finished the ribbing and am looking forward to beginning the cable pattern.

In addition to working on KAL projects I will continue to plug away on the MIL socks--so far I have one down, and a whole lot more of the second to go. (Did I mention that my mother-in-law has lo-o-o-ng feet?) I will also keep going on the Graphic Hoodie; a few rows here and a few rows there and I'll eventually get to the armholes, where the pattern gets a whole lot more interesting--not to mention a whole lot more photo-worthy. Obviously there will be no shortage of knitting to keep me busy this month. In fact, considering the amount of wool crammed into my new current projects basket, maybe it's more accurate to say that March is coming in like a lamb...

I know, I know, baa-d joke!

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