Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

It is a happy Easter indeed! I have finished the Mother-in-Law Socks at long last. What a relief!

I can't explain why I disliked this project so much. I didn't mind the pattern or the yarn but perhaps together they just weren't interesting enough to hold my attention. The first sock seemed to take forever (it didn't help that my mother-in-law has a long foot) and even though I immediately cast on for the second one, the dreaded SSS hit me hard and fast. Funnily enough, though, once I finally made up my mind to finish the pair the second sock didn't seem to take too long at all. (Hmm, makes me wonder what I could accomplish if I were to devote some undivided attention to the UFO's in my knitting trunk.)

While I don't find these socks particularly exciting, I am satisfied with how they turned out. Even more importantly, I think they will suit my mother-in-law very well and that's the whole point. I will be giving them to her for her birthday next month.

My March Sockdown KAL brought me much more happiness.

I worked through these socks quickly and finished them on Tuesday. Other than wishing I'd done them on a bit smaller needle I am pleased with how they turned out.

I am also happy to report that I have finished knitting Twist.

I would have been even happier if I were to have woken up this morning to find that some elves (or maybe even the Easter Bunny) had dropped by during the night to do the sewing up. Sigh...I guess I will have to do that myself, probably tomorrow.

And how can this sock-in-progress not make you feel happy?

I took a little break from my yarn diet earlier this week and indulged in three skeins of sock yarn, including this one, Fleece Artist Merino 2/6. Although it didn't say on the label I think the colourway is "Parrot". After knitting so many neutrals lately I was ready for something bright and cheerful. My original intention was to knit a pair of plain socks with it but I didn't like the way the colours were knitting up so I switched to a feather and fan pattern.

Much better. I am considering doing a contrasting heel and toe in some leftover red Fleece Artist to really make the colours pop.

At the risk of sounding sappy and sentimental I have to say that the thing that makes me happiest today is being all together. Although it has been pouring outside it is warm and cozy inside, with the delicious smell of slowcooker chicken filling the air. Right now each member of the family is enjoying their day off pursuing their individual interests, whether it be reading, knitting, or computer games, but we will all come together at dinnertime and share some food and laughs. Family meals used to be something I took for granted and sometimes even dreaded while the kids were growing up--my brother-in-law's friend dubbed suppertime at his house "arsenic hour", a sentiment to which I could once relate. These days, though, with our various work and social schedules, it is rare for us to all sit down together for dinner. And for the past three years we have celebrated most holidays without our daughter's presence, so it is especially nice to have her with us today. I repeat, it is a happy Easter indeed!

I expect continued happiness in the week to come. I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my first Year of Lace project, which is shipping tomorrow. Everything about the kit--the yarn, the colour, the designer, the pattern--is a complete mystery and the suspense is thrilling me. Whoever said that money can't buy you happiness obviously wasn't a knitter.

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