Friday, June 18, 2010

Trying to Get a Grip

Tell me.  What kind of person walks up to an occupied house in broad daylight and takes the hanging baskets off the front porch?  I suppose it’s the same sort of person who takes Christmas lights off the windows and lawn ornaments off the grass. 

I’m normally a glass-half-full kind of girl who thinks that the vast majority of people are kind and good and I suppose that deep down I still believe this but this afternoon my opinion of the human race went down a notch. 

This summer, instead of admiring the colours and fragrance of flowering baskets every time I check the mail or return home from errands I will instead be reminded by the empty hooks that the world we live in is not the place I thought it was when I woke up this morning.

My only hope is that the ill-begotten flowers bring no joy to their new owner, just a stab of conscience with each new bloom.


Susan said...


What I don't know is how somebody made off with my parents' light up Mr. and Mrs. Claus, which had a 50 pound bag of sand in the bottom of it.

And they did it while the dog was indoors too. The dog didn't bark (and, I mean, he ALWAYS barks).


Of course, if this happened to me, I'd be driving around the neighborhood looking for my baskets, because I figure if someone's dumb enough to steal them in broad daylight, they're dumb enough to put them out in front of their house as well. :D

Jessica said...

We drove down our block already, but nothing. We think they were actually stolen the night before, and that probably they were stolen either when no one else was up, or they had a car and jumped into it. The baskets are probably hanging in someone's backyard, and I wouldn't doubt about close by too. Some people. It just makes you shake your head...