Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Remember this?

It now looks like this.

But no worries. With the addition of a few more balls of yarn it will soon be making an encore appearance as this.

The Washington Square Vest is not the only victim. I recently pulled everything out of my knitting chest and took a good, hard look at all the things I have on the go. Some, I had to admit, were never going to get finished for one reason or another so to the frog pond they went. It was actually a very liberating feeling to turn the ball winder and watch the knitting come undone, stitch by stitch. No longer is there a feeling of, “Oh, I really should finish ________.” Instead, I now look at the long-buried treasures I’ve unearthed and think, “I can’t wait to work on ________ again.”

And that’s what knitting should be all about.

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Lucette said...

I have been doing the same thing. Organized the stash, and then the projects. Some you just lose interest in and need to move on. And I am still making afghan squares.