Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Cause for Celebration

Warning! Embrace the Lace Spoiler Alert.

Mmm, the smell of chocolate is wafting through the house.

Why would I even think of turning on the oven on a day that promises to reach 33 degrees Celsius (about 96 degrees Farenheit)? Because it’s my son’s birthday and he deserves cake. Happy 22nd, Matt!

There was yet another cause for celebration this morning. My second Embrace the Lace shipment arrived. This time the theme is “Charity” (with a particular focus on Autism Speaks) and the colour is blue-green. The package contained some beautiful cashmere laceweight hand-dyed by Mama Llama to knit the “Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf” by Sivia Harding, along with a Gabrielle Lace Keeper knitting pouch from Julip Bags and various other goodies.

My fingers are itching to cast on but there a few other things to take care of today first. I’ll just have to settle for the occasional pet or admiring glance until then. While I was very satisfied with the first kit, the project was more suited to Jessica than me so after knitting one pattern repeat just for the experience, I passed it along to her to finish and wear. This time, however, the pleasure will be all mine!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful package of yarn and goodies. The cake looks lovely. I'll take a piece with a glass of ice cold milk.