Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still Marching

I’m not sure what has gotten into me but I like it. I’ve finished up yet another neglected project (gotta love fingering weight for lace—it knits up so fast). Here’s a taste of Gail/Nightsongs.

More to come when it’s finished blocking.

With one shawl barely off the needles I am itching to cast on another. Luckily, the yarn for my Aeolian shawl arrived yesterday so this morning I took a trip to the bead store to make my selection. When I first saw the yarn I had envisioned it with a gold matte bead and found one at the store with a slightly rosy tone. Another translucent bead called “Copperline” also caught my eye so I bought a package of each and went home to swatch. As I worked the swatch I found myself leaning towards Copperline (on the left) but once the swatch was blocked I decided to go with my first impulse and use the rosy-gold beads (on the right). What do you think?

The weather is wet and dreary here today so it’s hard to capture the colours accurately (the Copperline beads show up better in real life) but this gives you an idea. My conscience is telling me to finish off another WIP before casting on the real thing but I will probably ignore it. A girl can only be so good for so long.

Now that Clue 4 has been revealed and the mystery socks are no longer a mystery I can show you how I spent the last week of February.

The yarn is some Oceanwind Knits fingering weight I bought a few years ago when Lori first started dyeing and it’s been waiting for something special. I think we can all agree that Kristi's beautiful and interesting design does it justice.

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Anonymous said...

I like the gold toned beads for the shawl thing. I really liked the finished one on top even more.