Monday, April 7, 2008

Worth Waiting For

We've all experienced it. We knit and knit and knit and seemingly make no progress on the article we are working on (Yarn Harlot refers to this as the Black Hole). Well, let's just say that I spent the last few days in outer space...

While going through my trunk looking for UFO's I came across the Storm Water Scarf that I started after Christmas. I had knit a little here and knit a little there but hadn't made much progress. Even though it was too recent a project to be officially considered a UFO I thought it would make a great spring scarf so I decided to finish it up, thinking it would only take me a day or two. I mean, it's a scarf, right? How long could it take?

As it turned out, it took me a lo-o-o-ng time--hours and hours. It was only one skein but it went on forever. I finally finished it last night just before dinner and blocked it before going to bed.
Worth the wait, don't ya think?

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