Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let There Be Light

I have a new door and I am inordinately pleased about it.

April 2012 037  

You might wonder why I am this ecstatic over something a simple as a door but sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring the most joy. 

The fact is that this doorway has been out of commission for at least two years and for various reasons we haven’t been able to replace the door and frame until now.  This has meant numerous trips out the front door and around the house or, alternately, up the inside stairs, out the kitchen door, and down the outside stairs.

Now I not only have a door that opens and closes (very important qualities in a door) but it has a window (that also opens and closes and has a screen) to let in light to my laundry area and fresh air to the first floor. 

April 2012 034

Simple things but they make me happy.

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katie metzroth said...

One time I was so excited about a shelf my husband installed for me, that when I said "Guess what?" my friend said, "You're pregnant?" and I said, "Noooo. I got a new shelf" :-) congrats on the door!