Monday, February 18, 2008

Sounds Logical

I'm a logical knitter. No surprise there. What kind of knitter are you? Take the test and find out!

Can it really be almost two weeks since I've blogged? You'd think I'd have a FO or two to show for my time but the truth is that I have been rather unfocused lately, resulting in a number of half-finished projects. Case in point, one half of a pair of Barcelona Socks:

For obvious reasons, I've nicknamed this sock Gaudy Gaudi but even though it's pretty lively I like how it turned out. Once I got the gist of the leg chart, I found this sock a joy to knit. The colourful yarn helped to brighten up some grey, gloomy days, while the everchanging stitch patterns (one each for the cuff, leg, heel, and foot) held my interest and prevented me from getting bored.

As is my habit, in an attempt to ward off the dreaded SSS, I immediately cast on the second sock but, alas, I stumbled upon Rusted Root and fell hard...

I am knitting this sweater out of Cascade "Sierra", colour 42, (from my stash, no less). It is knit in the round from the top down and, as you can see, I have made good progress since beginning it about a week ago.

In addition to these projects, I have also been working on the Graphic Hoodie, the M-I-L socks, and a pair of plain socks. In short, my knitting is not suffering from a lack of time, just a lack of fidelity. Note: I am a logical knitter. Nobody said anything about being loyal.

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Jessica - The Wet Coast Knit Wit said...

I swear Mom, one of these days, some of your projects are going to walk out on you (or be abducted by a nearby knitter...who could that be?) if you don't become more of a loyal knitter. ;)